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using EDD to increase sales for digital products

5 Ways of Using EDD to Increase Sales for Digital Products

Easy Digital Downloads not only provides the best tools to power a digital store but they have also provided addons to help you get through the “low-sale” phase.

Here we will discuss the 5 ways of using EDD to increase sales for digital products.

1. Offer Attractive Deals

Customers prefer to get more through a bundle pack. Of course, buying products individually will be expensive than buying them in the deal. Customers are also looking for value for their money. The more products they can purchase, the more they will feel that their investment has been valued.

EDD gives you the freedom of setting up different types of bundles for your customers. Some of the features of EDD are:

  • Similar Product Bundle

Make a deal for products of the same category or the same type.

  • Top Product Bundle

Set up a deal which has a group of your top products.

  • Add-on Bundle

Group the addons of your plugin into a bundle and give your users a deal on their price.

These offers can even be featured on your site for a limited time. This will create a sense of urgency for your customers. The EDD Bulk Sale addon can help you modify all the prices of your digital product. It can make setting up deals a breeze!

This is probably the easiest way of using EDD to increase sales for digital products.

2. Host Special Sales

Another way of using EDD to increase sales for digital products is by setting up special sales. These sales are to inspire your customers by purchasing your products.

Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, these sales can either be for a limited time or can be seasonal. However, these sales must create a sense of urgency for your users.

For this purpose, EDD has created the Easy Digital Downloads Sales Price addon. It promises to bring your products into the spotlight by giving them a sale price.

3. Apply Discount Codes

You can also increase user engagement by using EDD. It offers you an option to give discounts to your viewers if they share or like a product on your site. This feature can even help you increase your presence in the market.

An addon, EDD Social Discounts, is designed to listen to triggers on various social handles. When it detects a user liking or sharing a product, it automatically applies the discount and pop-ups a custom thanks message.

EDD has even given you the leverage to turn off the discount option, so when a trigger a set, only the message is displayed. This is just another way of using EDD to increase sales for digital products.

4. Address Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a huge issue for e-commerce platforms. It is a result of users leaving the checkout page before they complete their purchase.

EDD has stepped in here and helped businesses recover lost revenue. They have developed an addon that revolves around increasing store sales. You can track the abandonment carts by using popular free WordPress plugin, Jilt for Easy Digital Downloads.

Jilt shows a lot of promise and according to EDD, the addon has helped merchants recover over $25 million in lost revenue! Needless to say, Jilt is another advantage of using EDD to increase sales for digital products.

5. Increase Audience Engagement

How long do you spend everyday marketing your shop on social media? How much time do you invest in planning your adverts?

EDD Social Media Marketing addon puts your EDD shop on the social media world. It does this by automating all your marketing process. You can plan a whole month of social media posts on your store. The feature will let you save 30+ hours a month and engage with your users.

We hope we did not miss anything out in particular. In fact, EDD has also addressed the same issue and we would highly recommend you, folks, to go over it. Do let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you!

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