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Version 1.0.0

Last Update: 21 January 2022

Just like activity streams improve user experience in social media platforms and mobile games, they can help you take your students’ learning experience to the next level! The LearnDash Activity Timeline add-on allows you to add an Activity Timeline to your courses and display a list of your students’ latest activities. Instructors can use the activity feed to monitor their students’ participation while allowing students to keep tabs on their peers.


Display LearnDash Course Activities On A Timeline

Add an Activity Tab to your LearnDash courses, showcasing an activity stream with your students’ recent course related activities. Each item is displayed with an icon, time-stamp and link to the corresponding course content.

Pick-and-Choose Which Activities To Display

Select which types of learning activities you want to be displayed on your courses’ Activity Tab. You can display recent course enrollment, course completion, earned certificates, assignment submissions, comments and approvals, essay comments and grades and passed and failed quizzes with obtained marks.

Customize The Length Of Each Activity Timeline Page

You can customize how many items you want to display on each page of your courses’ Activity Timeline.

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Monitor your students’

Instructors can easily keep track of their students progress and monitor how active they are on the course from the Activity Timeline.

Enable students to keep tabs on and connect with their peers

Your students will find motivation by seeing their peers progress through their shared learning journey and be able to compare how well they are performing in comparison to others.

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