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Version 1.0.1

Last Update: 08 Nov 2021

By default, LearnDash only allows you to select one category per quiz question, restricting the way you group and organize your question catalogue. With the LearnDash Question Tree Categories add-on, you can best classify your questions by assigning multiple categories to a single question. Furthermore, quiz building is simplified as you’ll be able to create category-based quizzes, where questions are automatically drawn from the selected categories.

Features That Simplify Quiz Creation

Classify quiz question with multiple categories

Select multiple categories for each question, so that you can best classify and catalog your quiz questions. Using multiple categories allows you to organize your questions by subject, topic, theme, difficulty level, course, lesson and more!

Create focused category-based quizzes

Create quizzes based on these categories. The resulting quizzes will only include questions from the selected category. When creating a quiz, you can select how many questions you want to include per category.

Add variation with randomized questions

After you select which question categories you want to include in a quiz, questions within the category will be added in random order. If you only want to include a limited number of questions from a certain category, the questions added to the quiz will be selected at random.

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With LearnDash Question Tree Categories you can

Create Quizzes Around Specific Topics

Categorize your questions by specific topics or themes, so that you can easily create category-based thematic quizzes on auto. The add-on enables you to easily create quizzes as questions are automatically drawn from selected categories.

Create Your Own Question Organization System

By assigning multiple categories to quiz questions you can classify and catalog your quiz questions not only by topic, but by course, lesson, difficulty level, question type, subject, topic and more!

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Very useful plugin to generate random quizzes automatically.

Damien Briatte

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