How To Use LearnDash Groups To Set Up A Membership Site?
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How To Use LearnDash Groups To Set Up A Membership Site?

Are you interested in selling your online courses as a part of a paid membership? With a membership pricing model, students purchase access to a specific set of LearnDash courses and content by purchasing a membership plan. You can have several membership options, including access to different content and/or features.

There are many ways to set-up memberships on a LearnDash site including using the WooCommerce Integration and its extensions or installing a membership plugin such as Paid Memberships Pro, Memberpress, or Restrict Content Pro.  

A good option to consider is using LearnDash Groups, which allows you to add memberships to your e-learning site without investing in any additional plugins. Not only is this the most cost-effective option, but it also helps keep your backend WordPress set-up simple and lightweight.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how to add LearnDash Groups to implement memberships to your LearnDash site. If you need help determining what is the best membership solution for your elearning site, you can also contact our LearnDash consultants for a personalized recommendation.

Groups vs. Memberships 

LearnDash Groups include extended membership capabilities. Essentially, each group works as a “membership level” that students can purchase enrollment into. You can create several groups to create multiple levels or use the sub-group feature to build a more complex membership hierarchy.

How to create a group in LearnDash? 

The first step to turning your LearnDash site into a membership site, without a plugin, is to create LearnDash Groups. You can add new groups directly from the Groups subsection of the LearnDash menu. If you just want to sell a single membership, creating one group will be enough. Otherwise, create a group for each membership level you need.

For example, you can create three LearnDash Groups titled Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each group will include courses corresponding to different difficulty levels.

Another option is to create a hierarchy for your memberships with Basic, Premium, and VIP options. In this case, Premium members should also have access to courses in the Basic plan. Meanwhile, VIP members should have access to VIP courses plus all other courses.

This can be done by setting your VIP Group as a “Parent Group”, with subgroups. When students enroll in a Parent group/membership, they automatically get access to all subgroups. Here’s how you could set this up:

  • Go to the LearnDash Groups menu and navigate to settings. Here, enable Group Hierarchy.
learndash groups
  • Create three new groups and title them accordingly. You can assign any set of courses to a Group from the Group’s setting page.