LearnDash v2.3 Updates, What’s New?

LearnDash just released its version 2.3 on September 27, 2016. There are some exciting features in this new release. Let’s learn how this upgrade will benefit your users and the administrator.

1. New User Profile Updates for Quizzes

For those of you using the fronted user profile provided by LearnDash and have enabled the View Profile Statistics option in your quiz, users are now able to view the complete summary for all the quizzes attempted anytime they want . The new statistics column below inside the course progress of users shows the icon to view the complete summary for the quiz.

LearnDash quiz view

This is a sample of what your users might see for a quiz.

LearnDash quiz stats

2. Print Certificate for User

As a site admin or group leader sometimes you would will want to print a course certificate on behalf of your user or for your own reference. This new update gives you the ability to view and print the course certificate for a user. The back-end user profile page shows the link to the course certificate, next to the course info. You can now print the certificate and send it to your users anytime, if needed.

3. Show Course or Group Specific Content Anywhere

This could be the most exciting feature of this update. Now, you can show any content to your users based on a specific course or membership of a group anywhere on your site and not just the course, lesson, topic or quiz page. To understand this, let’s say you have a page where you want to show content only to the users registered for a particular course or a group created through LearnDash. You just need to wrap your content in this short-code with the specific course or group id and that’s it!


Same can be done for a group which is assigned to a single course or multiple courses.


3. Reporting Update

LearnDash has improved it’s reporting functionality through a series of major changes to how the reporting works for courses and quizzes. These changes will boost the reporting performance and will serve as a precursor to LearnDash ProPanel 2.0, which will bring an entire new dashboard reporting experience. This could be a much needed enhancement for people wanting to have a better reporting system for their LMS sites.

Important Note on Upgrading
To upgrade your database go to LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > DATA UPGRADE. This is required for the upcoming ProPanel changes.

Make sure you do this after you update the plugin to the new version so that your database is up-to-date for the changes introduced to enhance the reporting system.

We are just as excited about the LearnDash new version update as you are. Let us know if you have any questions about the new version in the comments below.

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