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Who bought What on Your WooCommerce Store?

Do you want to make your WooCommerce store look much more professional, interactive, user-friendly and informative at the same time? And while doing all of this, provide notifications to your users about who bought what from your store?
A simple WooCommerce add-on does exactly all that. It’s quite appropriately named Woobought. And the team at Wooninjas have decided to give some love to this add-on by writing a review.

buyer notifications woocommerce

On a WooCommerce site, users are mostly interested in the “top rated” and “best selling” products. Because of the fact, that so many people bought it, makes a buyer feel confident about their purchase. The add on is aimed at increasing the probability of purchase and developing a user’s interest, by showing the user exactly “who” bought “what” on your site, the moment they did.

This is, in fact, a great idea to increase engagement on your site and provide users with an easy and non-intrusive way of learning about the products you offer on your store.

The plugin is mobile friendly and works well on mobile and tablet screens. You can also choose to hide the notifications on some selected screens using an option in their Pro version. You can disable notification on mobile/tablet screens.

WooCommerce buyer notification

The free version provides minimum options to set the message, color, position of the notification window, the time duration of purchases to display and the duration between the notifications. The Pro version offers tons of other more useful features which gives you more control over your notifications.

WooCommerce buyer notifications

We think that this will be a pretty useful addition to your WooCommerce store just before the holiday season. Please let us know your thoughts and feedback about ‘WooCommerce buyer notification’ add on in the comments section below.

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