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New LearnDash Attendance Add-on

We are excited to announce we have released our LearnDash Attendance add-on.

The LearnDash Attendance add-on provides the functionality of marking attendance for the students on each LearnDash course.

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What Does the LearnDash Attendance Addon Do?

The LearnDash Attendance add-on provides the functionality of marking attendance for the students and allows the admin to show monthly attendance for a course. By using the LearnDash Attendance add-on, the admin has full control to enable attendance overall the LearnDash courses OR on specific courses. Only registered students can mark attendance in their own courses. 

LearnDash Attendance add-on has built-in integration with the most popular gamification plugin, i.e BadgeOS. So the admin can award achievements and points on specific triggers for attendance percentage and attendance count. 

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Add-On Features:

  • Allow Attendance Globally on Overall Courses:

LearnDash Attendance add-on allows students to mark their attendance on all the enrolled courses daily. By utilizing this feature, the ‘Mark Present’ button will be shown on every LearnDash course, so the student can mark his/her attendance by hitting that button.

  • Disallow Attendance on Specific Courses:

LearnDash Attendance add-on allows you to disable ‘marking attendance functionality’ on any specific LearnDash courses. ‘Mark Present’ button will be hidden on that specific LearnDash courses only.

  • Attendance Stats on the Course Edit Page:

LearnDash Attendance add-on enables you to view the attendance stats of a particular course on its edit page. All you have to do is go to the course edit page > Student Information.


  • Attendance Shortcodes for Students and Courses:

LearnDash Attendance add-on allows you to display the student’s attendance on any post/page OR in a widget on the sidebar by using short-codes.To display the attendance of the current user in any particular course use shortcode:

[student_attendance user_id=”” course_id =”XXX”]

You can find the top attendant of any single course by using a simple shortcode:

[top_attendant course_id =”XXX” students=”XX” ]

You have to enter the specific course ID and the number of the top attendant in that shortcode.

This was an announcement and overview of WooNinjas’ powerful LearnDash Attendance add-on. We hope you will find it useful for your LearnDash courses. To purchase this amazing add-on, click on the purchase button below. 

If you need any assistance with the LearnDash Attendance add-on, feel free to drop us a line here or through our contact form and one of our Ninjas will be in touch ASAP.

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