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LifterLMS Quiz List

The LifterLMS Quiz List add-on allows you to list all the LifterLMS on a single quiz listing page. As a result, you save time when navigating and accessing your quizzes. 

Table of Content

  1. Installation
  2. Quiz Listing
  3. FAQ
  4. Changelogs


  • Install the LifterLMS plugin & activate it.
  • Install the LifterLMS Quiz List Add-on and activate it.

LifterLMS Quiz Listing

The add-on will list all the quizzes contained in the LifterLMS courses in a single page so that you can access any quiz without navigating to the individual courses. 

You can find the LifterLMS Quiz listing page by

  • Navigating to Courses Quizzes
LifterLMS Quiz Listing – Main Menu
  • Then, select any quiz to edit it
LifterLMS Quiz Listing – Quizzes


If my courses contain multiple lessons with quizzes, will all my quizzes be listed on the same quiz listing page?

Yes, all the quizzes will be listed on the quiz listing page provided by our add-on.



  • Fixed minor issues.
  • Fixed The Edit link does not redirect to the exact location.
  • Fixed The view link redirect issue.


  • Fixed minor issues.

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