LearnDash Quiz Availability

LearnDash Quiz Availability


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Version 1.0.0

Last Update 07 May 2021

The LearnDash Quiz Availability add-on allows you to restrict when a quiz is available to your students. Students will only be able to access a restricted quiz during specified dates.

Features To

Restrict Quiz Access

Select a specific date range during which your students can access a quiz. Quizzes won’t be available to students at any other time.

Scheduling for Multiple Quizzes

You can easily schedule multiple quizzes, by selecting availability dates for each. Multiple quizzes can be scheduled during the same period of time.

Quiz Availability Messages

If students attempt to access a quiz outside of the specified date range, they will be shown a message informing them about the quiz’s unavailability.

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The LearnDash Quiz Availability Add-on Allows You To

Control when users can complete courses

By specifying quiz availability dates you can restrict students when they can complete a parent course.

Give extra points to users who submit their quiz on time

Unavailable quiz means students will get fewer points in a course, hence allow other students to get more points if they attempt a quiz when it is available.

Keep your students on track

Motivate your students to move along the course according to schedule by restricting access to required quizzes to a specific date range.

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