Give your students a fresh start with the LifterLMS Progress Reset Add-on!
lifterlms progress reset

Give your students a fresh start with the LifterLMS Progress Reset Add-on!

Currently, LifterLMS doesn’t allow course instructors to reset course progress for their students. However, the option to reset course progress is highly requested to LifterLMS developers, by both online course creators and students, due to the wide range of problems the feature could solve. For example, resetting course progress is essential to:

  • Test out a beta version of a course before its official release.

    Progress can be reset for beta users so that they can take the official version of the course once it is launched.

  • Give students that fail a course a second chance to complete it.

    By resetting failing students’ progress, they can deepen their knowledge by revisiting the content and resubmitting assignments and quizzes.

  • Allow students to make the most out of their investment.

    After purchasing your course, students might be interested in completing the entire course one more time for revision or additional practice.

In order for course creators to explore the many uses that resetting course progress can have, our team of LifterLMS developers has created the LifterLMS Progress Reset add-on, which gives administrators the option to delete progress for any given student, course or LifterLMS membership.

Introducing LifterLMS Progress Reset

The LifterLMS Progress Reset add-on allows you to completely wipe away a user’s progress on a course or several courses, providing them a fresh start. Progress can not only be deleted for specific users, but also for all students enrolled in a given course or membership. Additionally, the add-on can reset completed courses and partial course progress as well as delete data for user quiz attempts.

Let’s take a closer look at this add-on’s features:

  • Reset course progress for selected users.

This add-on allows you to reset progress for all of the courses a student is enrolled in. You can select a single student or several students to reset progress for.

  • Reset progress for all students enrolled in selected courses.

The add-on gives you the option to reset progress for all students enrolled in a given course at once. Simply select a course or multiple courses from the “Select Courses” field.

  • Reset progress for all users and courses related to a specific membership.

LifterLMS Progress reset enables you to reset progress for all the students enrolled in a given membership. Progress is deleted for all the courses associated with the membership.

  • Reset progress for a selected group of users, courses, and memberships.

If you want to reset progress for a specific combination of students, courses, and memberships, you can do so by selecting the specific users, courses, and/or memberships from the add-on settings.

Allow Students To Make The Most Out Of Your Course!

Give the LifterLMS Progress Reset add-on a try! If you have any further questions about this add-on and how it can benefit your e-learning platform, don’t hesitate to contact our LifterLMS developers. We’d love to help you resolve your doubts and provide you additional information.

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