Sell LearnDash Certificates And Quizzes With Our New Add-on!
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Sell LearnDash Certificates And Quizzes With Our New Add-on!

Directly selling access to your online course is one of the most common monetization strategies used in the world of e-learning, but it is hardly the only one. Selling certifications is another popular method to try if you’re looking to expand the sales strategy of your LMS.  

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can use LearnDash Pay For Quiz/Certificate add-on to start selling quiz access and course certificates on your LearnDash site, significantly boosting your revenue in the process. 

How Selling Course and Quiz Certificates Impacts Your Site’s Revenue

E-learning giants, like Coursera, have dominated the market and built a thriving business of charging fees for students who wish to obtain certifications for their online courses. Despite offering their courses for free, as opposed to other sites that charge students on a course-by-course basis, they have managed to obtain great results, generating over 1 million dollars in their first year.

Additionally, with free course content, Coursera is able to improve their SEO by building an indexable, accessible web of topic-relevant links between many course pages.

By following Coursera’s footsteps, you can monetize off your free courses or obtain additional income from paid courses by offering students the option to purchase the course alone or with a certification.

Why is this approach attractive to prospective students? First of all, it eliminates the initial perception of “risk” that comes with any purchase. Prospective buyers often take a long time to determine whether a course can deliver the promised value to justify their investment. However, with a free course, students are more easily convinced to enroll. 

Once the course is completed, students are naturally inclined to share their achievements and receive evidence to validate it in their professional or educational networks. This way, offering your students the option to purchase certification after a course or evaluation allows you to attract more students to your site, while also growing your revenue.

This approach can also help you market your paid courses, as students will be able to witness first-hand the quality of your content through your free courses, with an option to purchase a certificate. Therefore, students can assess the value of your platform with an open mind. This is a persuading factor for users to decide to continue their learning, and invest on a paid course.

Expand Your Site’s Monetization Strategy With LearnDash Pay For Quiz/Certificate

Currently, LearnDash LMS doesn’t offer users the option to sell course certificates or access to quizzes. However, this monetization strategy is possible using the LearnDash Pay For Quiz/Certificate add-on.

The add-on allows you to accept payments for both LearnDash certificates and access to quizzes. The add-on works with the Paypal payment gateway, a highly trusted platform allowing you to receive swift and secure payments from your students. Additionally, you have the option to offer your certificates as WooCommerce products, opening up the doors to using WooCommerce payment gateways to manage sale transactions.

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Take a Closer Look At This LearnDash Add-on’s Features:

  • You can sell LearnDash quiz attempts and course certificates on your online learning site, for both paid and free courses.
  • You can use Paypal’s secure payment option to sell your LearnDash quiz attempts, quiz certificates, and course certificates.
  • You can list and sell LearnDash quiz attempts, quiz certificates, and course certificates as WooCommerce products on your E-commerce store.

How Does the LearnDash Pay For Quiz/Certificate Add-on Work?

Once you’ve enabled the options of selling certificates and quizzes in  settings, you can then select which course certificates you want to offer for sale from the certificate settings page. You can also select which quizzes will be available for purchase from the quiz settings page. From here, you can also define the price for each individual item.

Once you’ve set up the LearnDash add-on from the backend, users will be able to see a purchase button on the corresponding pages of your LearnDash course. For example, when a student finishes a course, they will see a message showing them that they have earned a certificate as well as a purchase button for them to access it.

Clicking on the button will automatically redirect students for payment. Upon completing payment, your students will have access to the purchased certificate or quiz.

Time to Start Making More Money! 

Implementing different monetization strategies on your LearnDash site will allow you to boost your revenue and provide more attractive options to your students. The LearnDash Pay For Certificate Add-on allows you to broaden your income streams and grow your online learning site. If you have any further questions about this LearnDash add-on feel free to leave us a comment below. You can also reach out to our LearnDash consultants for expert advice if you are looking for the best ways to expand features for your online courses or make improvements on your e-learning site.

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