Save Time With These 3 LearnDash Add-ons

Online course creators have a lot on their plate. Schedules can easily be overwhelming when managing everything from going back and forth with students over email, grading assignments to creating content, and running a website.

LearnDash LMS provides course creators with many features designed to enable you to create and sell online courses. LearnDash add-ons help you further optimize your e-learning site, by helping you improve course content, simplify LMS management tasks, and save time in the long run.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a set of add-ons for LearnDash LMS that help online course creators liberate time on their schedules.

1. LearnDash Quiz Import Export

Creating quizzes is one of the most time-consuming tasks for online course creators. A single course can require dozens of quiz questions, and the number of questions to prepare grows when there are several courses offered on your site. Additionally, this quiz content often needs to be edited, updated, or added to several websites. 

The LearnDash Quiz Import-Export add-on provides you the necessary features to simplify all of these tasks. Using the add-on you can quickly add new questions to one or more quizzes and import a large set of questions all at once. Users create the questions by typing them into a spreadsheet template and then import the file into LearnDash LMS with a single click. This way, you avoid having to individually add each question.

LearnDash add-ons

LearnDash Quiz Import/Export also helps you save time when quiz questions need to be updated or edited. Rather than manually editing questions one by one, users can export existing questions into a spreadsheet, edit them in bulk and import them back into the site. 

If you have several online learning sites or are migrating to a new website, exporting and importing quizzes can be easily done with our add-on in a matter of minutes.

2. LearnDash Course Planner Pro

Another time-consuming task online course creators constantly deal with is managing the schedules of their different courses. While some courses are available year-long, many are meant to run during specific dates. When websites offer several courses, keeping track of each of these schedules can become very time consuming and confusing. 

With the LearnDash Course Planner Pro add-on you can easily schedule course content by determining which dates each course will be available. You also have the option to slowly drip content into the course, preventing students from moving ahead of the group, by individually scheduling lessons, topics, and quizzes. 

If there are several instructors contributing to your e-learning site, the add-on also gives them the option to schedule content directly using a visual calendar that is displayed on the front end of your site. The calendar is only visible to group leaders and lets instructors schedule their content by dragging and dropping it on the selected dates.

learndash course planner pro

For further convenience, the add-on allows you to display custom messages to students that try to access content when it is not available. This way, you can directly provide them scheduling information, answering questions before they are asked. As a result, you’ll save time that would’ve otherwise been spent replying to emails from students that might be confused about their course schedule.

LearnDash add-ons

3. LearnDash Progress Reset

Resetting course progress is often necessary, however, LearnDash LMS does not provide course creators a quick and easy way to do this. For example, before launching a course, you might want to test out a beta version with a handful of users. Then, resetting their progress so they can take the final version of the course once it is officially launched.

Another case in which you might need to reset a user’s progress is when students fail a final quiz or assessment.  In this case, you can grant them a second chance to complete the course and earn certification by resetting their progress to review and complete the content again. 

You can also choose to reset students’ progress after completing a course. Resets allow users that purchased the course to revise the course content, even after the course has ended and they have successfully completed it.  Students might be interested in getting some additional practice and might request to go through the course again to solidify their knowledge. 

Normally, to reset progress, you would have to manually create new users for your previous students, then re-enroll them in the course, which is time-consuming and tedious. However, resetting progress is easy and quick with the LearnDash Progress Reset add-on. The plugin allows you to reset progress for one or several users and courses. You can also directly reset progress for a specific LearnDash group.

LearnDash add-ons
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