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LearnDash Buddy Up Brings You Social Features Your Students Will Love

We are happy to announce the release of a second version of one of our favorite add-ons: LearnDash Buddy Up! This tool, ideal for those wanting their students to collaborate on coursework, discuss important concepts, and communicate with each other, is updated and improved. Keep on reading to find out what you can expect of LearnDash Buddy Up 2.0!

The Ultimate Solution For Social Learning

The add-on allows students enrolled in the same course to “buddy up” into pairs and collaborate. In this new release not only can users create groups on their own by sending out invitations but they also have the option to be paired automatically with new students when they enroll or be paired up by website administrators. Once students are paired with a peer, they’ll be able to easily communicate and collaborate through a chat box, right on the site.

learndash buddyup

Progress sharing features to Increase motivation

Buddies or paired students now receive notifications about their buddy’s activity on the course. Buddies can easily see whenever their partner completes a topic, lesson, quiz, or the course. They can motivate each other and evaluate their own progress by looking at if they are moving through the course at a similar pace as their buddy.

If enabled, buddies can also view each other’s quiz results and profiles, allowing peers to keep each other accountable as they complete the course. Students can see a side by side comparison of their scores, allowing them to best gauge their performance.

learndash buddyup quiz compare

Collaboration for a better learning experience

The new version of this add-on provides your students with convenient tools to promote group work and collaboration. Students can take course notes right on the site and share them with their buddies. 

Students can also share their assignments directly from an assignment box added to the BuddyUp tab on the course. Students can enable sharing for any of their assignments, making the submitted file visible and accessible for their buddy.

share notes and assignments

Additionally, students can easily chat with their partners on their own private group chat, which they can conveniently access from a chat-box interface.

learndash buddy up chat

What can you accomplish with the LearnDash Buddy Up Add-on?

  • Establish a classroom-like environment, allowing students to work with their peers, sharing their assignments and course notes.
  • Enable students to communicate with each other and address instructors together, resolve questions and share important course information by taking advantage of the chat feature.
  • Keep students motivated by giving each student an accountability partner that is able to keep an eye on their progress.
  • Promote socialization and allow your students to make new friends with the automated pairing feature.

Get Social with the LearnDash Buddy Up Add-on!

We can’t wait for you to try out all the new and improved features of the new version of the LearnDash Buddy Up add-on. If you have any questions about the new features, please reach out to our LearnDash developers! We’ll be happy to provide you more information about this update. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our add-ons and unlock savings in your purchase if you acquire the add-on in a LearnDash add-on bundle.

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