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5 Amazing Things You Can Do with the New LearnDash Buddy Up Add-on

The LearnDash Buddy Up add-on was designed to increase student collaboration and communication on your online courses. We had previously shared with you 5 amazing ideas to use the LearnDash Buddy Up add-on on your LearnDash courses. Since then, we’ve released a new and improved version of this LearnDash add-on, with a brand new set of engaging features! Additionally, students will continue to have access to the add-on’s core features including buddy up invitations and a chat box for buddies and instructors to communicate, 

In this post, our LearnDash developers introduce you to 5 brand new ways to use the LearnDash Buddy Up 2.0 add-on to promote student interaction, community-building, teamwork and more!


Encourage Student Interaction By Assigning Partners To Your Students

The new release of the LearnDash Buddy up add-on brings your students new ways to “buddy up”. 

Besides being able to send, accept and reject notifications, students can be automatically paired when they enroll in a course. This helps “shy” students who might be uncomfortable reaching out to a stranger to “buddy up”. Administrators also have the option to manually assign partners to their students.

To further enforce socialization and interactivity on courses, admins can set the “buddy-up” feature as mandatory, requiring all students to be part of a pair.


Promote Collaboration With Shared Notes

Note taking is one of the prime activities students take part in during educational programs. In real life classrooms, students frequently work together to take and review their notes.

The second version of the Buddy Up add-on allows students to take course notes directly on the site. Notes are stored on the “Buddy Up” tab on the course page, from where partners can easily access them. This way students can share their notes, divide note taking tasks and easily access all their notes from a single place for a later review.


Increase Teamwork With Shared Assignments

Classroom interactions often revolve around the completion of tasks, study sessions and projects. With the second version of the Buddy Up add-on you can now implement this aspect of student socialization to your LearnDash courses by allowing students to work together on their assignments. 

Buddies can add and access their assignments from the Buddy Up tab on the course page. Students simply have to click on the share link for any assignment to make it visible and accessible to their partner. This way students can view each other’s work and submissions for reference and review.

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Keep Your Students Accountable With Buddy Notifications

Accountability partners can be highly beneficial for online course enrollees. In fact, according to the American Society of Training and Development, people are 65 percent likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Their chances of success increases to 95 percent when partners are taking action to check in on each other’s progress.

The new version of the Buddy Up add-on enables “buddies” to act as accountability partners, increasing their chance to succeed and improve their performance on a course. Not only will students be collaborating to complete a course, they’re also able to monitor each other’s progress through notifications. Buddies are able to see when their partners complete a lesson, topic or quiz. This helps them gauge their performance and make sure they are moving through content at the expected pace.

Students can identify if they are lagging behind their partner or, in the opposite case, provide words of encouragement to their buddy to keep them active on the course.


Create A Sense Of Healthy Competition With Quiz Performance Comparisons

The new Buddy Up add-on introduces quiz score comparison tables. Students can easily take a side by side look of their quiz performance and compare their scores with their buddies.

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As a result, students can better evaluate how well they are doing on the course. A sense of competition is also established between buddies, increasing motivation to study and improve quiz scores.


A LearnDash Add-on That Takes Your Student’s Learning To The Next Level!

Which of these powerful social learning features are you most excited to implement on your LearnDash courses? Let us know in the comments below!

The new LearnDash Buddy Up add-on equips you with the perfect toolset to promote communication and collaboration on your online courses. If you have any questions about this new update don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of LearnDash developers

Looking for a specific feature or a complete strategy to increase engagement on your online courses? Talk it over with our LearnDash consultants. We can help you find the best solutions for your LearnDash site and customize any specific features you might need!

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