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Using Artificial Intelligence with WooCommerce

Artificial Intelligence is a dominant technology that has revolutionized numerous sectors, and fortunately, eCommerce is one of them. The integration of this advanced technology has transformed the business model of many brands, making commerce better and more efficient. 

One practical scenario that validates the connection between AI and online businesses is improved marketing techniques. Essentially, it created a more personalized experience by analyzing different customer behavior patterns and producing a conclusion from the data. 

If you are a WooCommerce store owner, there are several areas where you can apply Artificial Intelligence to improve your operations. This article will explore specific AI applications and highlight the benefits of incorporating AI in your WooCommerce store.

What Is AI and Why is It Significance In eCommerce

Formally, Artificial intelligence replicates human intelligence through machines, allowing them to perform complex actions without much need for human input. Some examples of artificial intelligence include speech recognition, business automation, data analysis, and many more. 

Incorporating this technology in eCommerce is essential to success as prospering in this field is tricky. With rising competition and saturation, entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, are required to develop new strategies to triumph. 

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence is the key to this necessary corporate advancement as WooCommerce entrepreneurs can turbo-charge their efforts and produce the best business output alongside customer experience.

In fact, analyses reveal the significance of Artificial intelligence as the increase in AI usage across businesses will create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity in 2021.

Some businesses use this advanced technology in numerous ways, and these include:

  • Enhancing customer experience through personalization 
  • Automation of specific business processes to save time and resources 
  • Performing properly analysis of a wired business data 
  • Improving customer service via chatbots and similar technologies 
  • Improve input and limit human error due to manual operation

Below is a more in-depth analysis of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence presented to your WooCommerce store.

1. Customer Engagement

Engagement plays an important role in your store’s success as the more you interact with visitors, the higher the chances of conversion, customer loyalty, and repeat purchase. Unfortunately, being available to interact with your customers constantly may be impossible, especially due to your busy schedule, staffing, or time zone. 

Fortunately, with Artificial Intelligence, you can keep your visitors and customers engaged without manually operating the system. Essentially, the software analyses your store and learns about your product or services, equipping it with crucial knowledge needed to guide visitors to make a purchase.

A good example of this is the WooCommerce chatbot, also known as Woo-Bot, that sends personalized replies to customers’ questions and inquiries. If you wish to understand its efficacy, statistics show that live chat increases business conversion rate by 38%.

How to Implement:

Suppose you have a busy schedule that prevents you from responding to your visitor’s inquiries physically, you can install Woo-Bot in your WooCommerce store for approximately $29. This add-on will give personalized answers to your visitors and help them find the items they’re looking for. It also allows you to include offers and coupons in your chat’s welcome message, helping you attract the attention of visitors and make more sales.

Another recommended option is WoowBot, which is a WooCommerce Shopping ChatBot that aims to increase your sales by interacting with your visitors for $33. This extension is worth your while due to its integration with Google‘s Dialogflow which allows shoppers browsing your store to have fluid chat conversations. Additionally, users can add products to their cart directly from the chat box. The extension also incorporates onsite retargeting functionalities and tracks conversion statistics.

2. Customer Targeting

Retargeting is an invaluable part of attracting paying customers to your WooCommerce store as it reminds them of their initial interest in your offering. However, performing this task is tricky, and data confirms this fact as 33% of marketing leads aren’t followed up by the sales team. 

While some people may consider this percentage a small amount, it’s still a significant gap that needs exploitation.

Fortunately, there are tools that can handle this issue as they are designed to monitor and retarget every individual that expressed interest in your WooCommerce store. For example, using the Conversion Tracking Pro for WooCommerce extension, you can send data, based on user-triggered events, from your eCommerce store to major ad platforms such as Google, Bing and Facebook ads. As a result you’ll improve your ad campaigns and automatically retarget an audience of potential customers, increasing your chances of conversion.

How to Implement:

You can save your business the misfortune of losing potential clients by retargeting those that have shown interest in your products with this artificial intelligence WooCommerce extension, priced at $99 USD. It’s easy to implement and operates with little manual input, thereby helping you further your marketing efforts.

3. Product Reviews

WooCommerce entrepreneurs aim for positive product reviews because they validate their services, compelling other users to patronize. In fact, nearly 80% of customers hold online product reviews in as high esteem as a personal recommendation. Essentially, the conclusion from a previous user holds more value than any marketing effort. 

You can provide social proof to potential customers by implementing an effective system for customers to leave and share reviews. One popular solution for WooCommerce is WooCommerce Product Review Pro, an extension with a unique sorting system. 

It can filter comments and present viewers with the most recent reviews or those with higher ratings (5 stars reviews). Buyers can also include photos and videos on their reviews, helping you reassure visitors about the quality of your products.

How to Implement:

To prevent false reviews and sort each comment correctly, making it easy for visitors to verify the authenticity of your offering, consider using WooCommerce Product Review Pro for $79. This product is officially recommended by wooCommerce and can help organize your review section excellently. 

  Another option is the free YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review, a software that allows your customer to leave reviews of products they purchased from your wooCommerce store. It also allows you to create histogram tables for different products, rich snippets, attach images, add titles, and many more.

4. Product Recommendations

While reviews help boost sales, another way to get things flying off the shelf quicker is by providing targeted recommendations.  However, this task may be difficult, especially if you have a vast catalog and very little time on your hands. 

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence can help with this task, and unlike typical suggestions that involve sending the same combination to all your customers, AI will offer personalized suggestions. 

This personalization is based on your customer’s previous purchase, making each suggestion relevant and have a high possibility of producing sales. Remember that customers aren’t bothered by suggestions as long as they are relevant; in fact, your recommendation will save them time and energy.

How to Implement:

A common tool for this purpose is Product Recommendations, a tool developed by WooCommerce to combine machine learning and human efforts to create personalized product recommendations and improve your sales. You can use this tool to ease the buying process and help visitors get their desired product for approximately $79.

Alternatively, you can opt for Recommendation Engine, another product recommendation tool that offers personalized suggestions to customers. This extension includes features such as recommendations by views, history and frequently purchased product pairings.

5. Multi-Channel Targeting

As previously mentioned, succeeding in eCommerce is more difficult than in earlier years as more online stores emerge. This requires shop owners to innovate and try new methods. A fantastic strategy to try is selling your offering through multiple channels. 

You can synchronize WooCommerce with platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This allows users to find and purchase products as they are browsing through these platforms. Besides being a convenient for your customers, it improves your reach taking your business to the next level.

How to Implement:

A common plugin online WooCommerce retailers employ for multi-channel sales is WooCommerce’s free Facebook for WooCommerce extension. This plugin allows you to sync WooCommerce products with your Facebook shop, simplifying product management. It also allows you to set up Facebook and Instagram ads for your business, directly from WooCommerce.

You can expand your sales channels even further using Multichannel for WooCommerce, available as a monthly subscription. This extension allows you to link your WooCommerce store to multiple global sales channels including Google, Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence Into eCommerce

Before rushing to pay for the first AI solution you find, consider what you need to accomplish. Artificial intelligence applies to many different areas of your eCommerce operations. The best solutions to invest in will depend on your site’s unique challenges and areas of improvement.

If you can’t imagine incorporating Artificial Intelligence in your WooCommerce store, consider working with an eCommerce expert to help you build a strategic AI road map for your business.

Artificial Intelligence for eCommerce

Ultimately, eCommerce experts agree on the benefit of using Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce to boost business sales and user experience. Essentially, machine learning can process user data to structure better marketing strategies, fine-tune user interactions, recommend products, and much more. 

Consider incorporating artificial intelligence if you wish to take your eCommerce business to the next level. It can help produce better results from your customer data and handle specific tasks efficiently.

If you need help implementing AI and other conversion boosting solutions on your WooCommerce store, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of eCommerce experts.

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