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Our Ninjas noticed that a lot of you folks were having trouble with using LearnDash and Elementor Page Builder Combo for their WordPress LMS sites. Here is a quick guide on how to use this stack efficiently with WordPress 5.2!

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Step 1:

Check all the LearnDash Post Types:

  • Select Elementor from the wp-admin dashboard.
  • Go to setting from elementor menu for Post Types.

Step 2:

Add a new course and Configure its general settings:

  • Point to your LearnDash plugin in the WP-admin dashboard.
  • Select Courses and click Add new.
  • Click on Edit with Elementor button. Elementor page builder will open.
  • Click on the settings icon on the bottom left corner of the edit page.
  • Add the course title and a featured image for your course.
  • Navigate to the element section. Here you can see 3 types of elements: Basic, General, WordPress. Add elements as per your need.
  • Update.
  • Now from the Elementor menu, Exit from the Dashboard.

Step 3:

Add lessons, topics, and quizzes and configure the LearnDash course setting:

  • After exiting you will be on the WordPress editor., Navigate to course builder, on the bottom of this edit page.
  • Add lessons, topics, and quizzes from course builder.
  • Configure the rest of the course options from LearnDash course setting, Below the course builder.
  • Update the course.

Step 4:

Add course category and course tags:

  • Return to the courses page where you can see the newly added course created through Elementor.
  • Hover on it and click on Quick Edit.
  • Add this course to any course category. Additionally, you can add the course tags here as well.
  • Hit update.

Step 5:

Follow the same first four steps to add/edit LearnDash Lessons, topics and quizzes by using Elementor.

Step 6:

Add quiz questions:

  • Go to Questions from LearnDash menu, click Add New.
  • Add the title, select the Answer type from the meta box on the right side of the page.
  • Fill in all the required fields.
  • Associate the question with any desired quiz.
  • Publish.

Step 7:

Create/edit certificates via Elementor:

  • Go to Certificate from LearnDash menu.
  • Click Add New and then click Edit with Elementor.
  • Create an awesome certificate by using Elementor.
  • Hit Publish.

Hopefully, our guide has answered the queries you were looking for. If you are still facing any problems while using LearnDash and Elementor, let us know in the comments below or .
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