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How to gamify your WooCommerce store

WooCommerce Gamification Guide: Top 10 WooCommerce Gamification Plugins

Gamifying your WooCommerce store can be a long-term undertaking. But with the right WooCommerce gamification plugins, you can easily implement features and systems to keep sales coming in and your users engaged. 

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best gamification plugins for WooCommerce, and give you some idea of what features to look for when adding a gamification system to your online store.

Why Try Gamification For Your Woocommerce Online Store?

The benefits of WooCommerce gamification are very fast, from more engagement to loyal customers. WooCommerce Gamification plugins create a fun environment for your WooCommerce store by adding game-like elements to the shopping experience, making it more fun and enjoyable.

Gamification is a powerful tool that can be used in many ways, from incentivizing users to complete certain actions (like signing up for your newsletter) to improving their loyalty through rewards and points systems.

It’s proven that people are more likely to buy something when they’re having fun. So if you combine fun with your product offerings, you have a winning combination.

How To Implement Gamification In Woocommerce Online Store

Game mechanics can be implemented in different customer touch points of a Woocommerce store. There are many opportunities to incorporate game mechanics from the homepage to the shopping cart and checkout pages. 

Here are some examples of how you can use gamification plugins in your Woocommerce store:

  • User Input-Based Woocommerce Gamification Plugins

Gamification plugins can encourage users to provide more input for your store. This gamification includes asking users to submit reviews, complete surveys, or create wish lists. You can also use gamification plugins to collect customer feedback through a contact form if you don’t have a review system.

  • Time-Based Woocommerce Gamification Plugins

Another way to use gamification plugins is by setting up a time-based reward system. You can create coupons or discounts that expire after a certain amount of time or offer free shipping on orders over a certain price point within a specific time frame. For example, “Free shipping on all orders $150+ before midnight tonight!” Social Woocommerce Gamification Plugins You can also use gamification plugins like Woocommerce Countdown Timer to create a sense of urgency in your store by offering discounts and promotions based on how much time is left before an event occurs.

  • Purchase-Based Woocommerce Gamification Plugins

A purchase-based gamification plugin can help set up a loyalty program for your customers. You can use these plugins to reward users with points for every purchase or for signing up for your newsletter. You can also offer special discounts on certain days of the week or month; users must opt-in to receive those offers. Users can redeem their rewards by spending them on products they want or getting cash back when they make a purchase.

Which Are The Best Woocommerce Gamification Plugins For Your Online Store?



BadgeOS is a secured, versatile, and powerful plugin for Woocommerce that offers a wealth of premium features, including badge and point awards based on your customers purchasing activity, point-based rewards, and more.

Over time, it has been proven that users taking action and having a sense of achievement are two of the best gamification strategies. BadgesOs is your best tool for implementing this in your Woocommerce store.

BadgeOS is a powerful plugin that lets you implement a rank, point, and achievements system in your online store. It offers seamless integration with WooCommerce allowing you to directly reward your customers when they meet a certain purchase minimum or buy a specific product or product type. Users can also use any points they earn within your store and redeem them to purchase additional items.

Another reason to use BadgeOs is that it’s easy to install: you can download the plugin through WordPress Plugins and BadgeOS WooCommerce integration and set up your badges in minutes. 


  • customized badges option for different gamification goals
  • auto-approval of submissions
  • an infinite number of achievement categories
  • auto-approval of submissions
  • points tracking and management
  • a fun, engaging atmosphere in your online store




Moolamojo, a virtual credit system, is another excellent plugin you can use to gamify and incentivize your website. This plugin makes it simple to thank your users for their contributions. You may use it to charge clients for virtual currency, buy virtual currency for real money, and reward users for certain behaviors. Assigning user levels based on their points and integrating them with unique functionalities and plugins are possible with MoolaMojo.


  • The simplest method of selling is using MoolaMojo, whether you decide to sell virtual currency bundles or let users earn them through actions.
  • With only a few lines of code, it can integrate with other plugins quickly and easily.
  • By rewarding virtual cash for different acts you may get your users to participate in or carry out on your site, it helps to increase user engagement.
  • It is customizable and developer-friendly with easy purchase and sells alternatives for your goods and services and a payment checkout option after the user’s decision.


  • Users can receive virtual cash for taking action on your website.
  • You get to trade virtual cash for subscriptions, goods, or services.
  • The shortcode and any desired content may be easily moved around in the front end.


  • Requires regular updates and bug-prone



WP Optin Wheel

WP Optin Wheel is an excellent option if you enjoy Optin Monster’s spin-a-wheel product but don’t need all of the other capabilities that come with it. Customers can use another kind of coupon or spin the wheel to win a reward. You may also ask them to subscribe so they can receive their prize! This promotes additional sales and subscriptions to newsletters.


  • You may independently choose the odds of winning for each of the 12 slices of the wheel, construct several wheels, and select whether a lost slice should be a discount, a link to a product or website, etc.
  • The likelihood of winning with each wheel slice may be altered.
  • You may make numerous wheels for A/B testing or placement on other sites.
  • Pop-ups can be controlled.
  • The wheel may be shown with a shortcode in any post, page, or widget.


  • It works with all languages.
  • It supports logging wins and losses in a separate log file and is GDPR compliant.
  • WooCommerce is incorporated.
  • It provides reruns.
  • It supports developers.


  • It is a little bit pricey for new business.



Marketing Automation by AZEXO

Marketing Automation by AZEXO

This plugin offers a straightforward and adaptable user interface for creating rules with various events, conditions, and actions. It offers a full, user-friendly marketing automation solution (landing pages, forms, emails, segmentation, customization, payments, discounts, affiliate program), and the Platform is incredibly quick and can handle large user traffic.

This is a full-featured WordPress marketing automation plugin. The commercial edition of this plugin has a ton of wonderful capabilities, including making every response logical depending on the behavior of the visitor, tagging and scoring site visitors, developing visitor loyalty programs, and giving out prizes, badges, and points to your users.


  • It is possible to base any response logic on visitor behavior.
  • Web event tracking of site users, including scoring and tagging
  • Drip advertising
  • Any loyalty schemes (drive repeat purchases, increase engagement, retain loyal customers)
  • marketing tactics utilizing gamification (points, awards, badges)
  • ROI statistics for enhancing your email, SMS, pop-up, and banner campaigns
  • Segmenting website visits; polls, and surveys
  • Notifications by SMS or email, an autoresponder, and a newsletter
  • Phone/Email double opt-in confirmation
  • Pop-Ups based on visitor behavior
  • Advertisement banners based on visitor behavior
  • Upsell & Cross-sell popups and banners
  • WooCommerce bases its discounts and incentive programs on visitor activity.
  • Limits on material based on behavior


  • It is a high-quality builder that is incredibly simple and best suited for non-technical people.
  • It is beneficial to compile a client database before creating segments.
  • Based on client information and behavior, email automation processes are created.
  • With customized landing page experiences for each advertisement and target demographic, it boosts visitor engagement and conversions.
  • You receive a ready-made store with end-to-end analytics and the option to take credit cards on any page.
  • You may use it to send emails with paid content or sell access to certain website pages.
  • Give certain client segments discounts on particular items.
  • Users of the service may make money by sharing their referral link, and their dashboard will display all payouts.
  • The service produces a monthly report on all sales and referral fees.


  • This screenplay needs a lot of improvement; while the concept is excellent, the overall aesthetic is outdated and does not correspond to the level of the market at the moment.



KingSumo Giveaways for WordPress

Authors frequently utilize KingSumo Giveaways to advertise their book giveaways, and many blogs and companies that organize giveaways on WordPress also use it.  The KingSumo Giveaways plugin deploys quickly and is simple. You should use this gamification plugin if you want a good, affordable solution. 

No yearly or monthly payments are required. Once purchased, a product is yours forever. WordPress allows you to perform your planned freebies without worrying about incurred expenditures. 


  • It has first-rate assistance.
  • It may be the most effective method for gamifying your WordPress site.
  • Setting up and advertising your website’s users is quite simple.
  • Your email subscribers will rise due to visitors sharing competitions, which will help you build your audience virally.
  • Giveaways, complete optimization, preset giveaway dates, and other extra features are included.
  • The KingSumo Giveaways have been defined in such a way that they have an excellent smartphone front-end design, making them even more enticing for users.


  • It helps to manage time
  • It is quick and economical.
  • It has full optimization.
  • It is incredibly simple to install.


  • It lacks complete flexibility to start from zero while creating your contest.
  • Its visual range is relatively limited.
  • Videos and GIFs are not permitted on the landing page.



woocommerce gamification pop ups

CrazyRocket Spin Wheel Pop-Ups

This plugin makes it easy to deliver coupons with online wheels and roulette games. It has beautiful spin wheel themes that can be customized so that each coupon comes with a different chance of winning. Pop-up options can also be customized to appear on specific pages.

With CrazyRocket, It’s easy to create a coupon and place it on your site. You can set the number of spins, the prizes users can win, and how many times they can spin. You can also set up a countdown timer to ensure users don’t cheat by closing their browser before completing all spins.

The plugin also has a fun spin wheel with many different themes, so you can customize the look of your coupon. You can add images to each prize and set up pop-ups that appear when people click on various parts of the coupon. CrazyRocket is easy to use and integrates well with WooCommerce.


  • It has Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, and ActiveCampaign integrations.
  • It has an email template system.
  • You can create coupons with different expiry dates and set up a countdown timer to ensure users don’t cheat by closing their browser before completing all spins.
  • It comes with an easy-to-understand report and analytics dashboard
  • You can run multiple pop-ups to A/B test the best one for your Woocommerce site
  • Easily customize text, wheels, pop-ups, background, font, buttons, and more


  • Wheels and Coupon systems encourage return shoppers
  • The system is easy to use and integrates well with other email marketing software.
  • Customize wheels and coupons for different countries using a simple trigger
  • The premium plan allows you to create 5 campaigns at once


  • The free plan only allows one pop-up per page.
  • It’s not ideal for large stores, as there’s a limit to the number of widgets that can be used on your site


WooCommerce Gamification

Adding gamification plugins to your WordPress site is a fantastic approach for your business to boost user engagement and traffic eventually. You might be surprised by the advantages of using a gamification plugin on your WordPress website. They can assist in enticing and keeping visitors on your website longer. 

Additionally, it will assist you in gathering crucial data to develop targeted marketing for your goods or services. You may experiment with them until you discover the ideal one for your website because there are so many plugins available, most of them being free. 

So why not take advantage of gamification? Our WooCommerce developers can help you select the best plugins for your specific needs and implement a gamification system for your online store.

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