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Introducing A New Tool To Motivate Your Students: LearnDash Goals

Goal setting allows students to feel in control of their learning outcomes and as a result become more motivated to improve their performance. When students set their own study goals, they take direct responsibility for what they want to achieve in the course and become accountable for reviewing their own results. When goal setting is implemented in your online courses, it can help you increase your student’s motivation and course outcomes.

The new LearnDash Goals add-on allows you to implement goal-setting into your teaching model, motivating students to achieve and allowing them to monitor their progress. With this LearnDash add-on, your students will be able to determine how much time they want to spend studying on your site each week and easily reference their set goal to keep track of their weekly learning progress.

LearnDash Goals Add-on Features

Enable your students to set weekly study goals

Students can set personal goals for how much time they want to spend studying on your site per week. From an interactive LearnDash Goals display, that can be added to the students’ profile page using a shortcode, students will be presented a series of time options (in minutes) from which they can select their study goal. 

For example, you can allow students to choose 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes as a goal for their weekly study time. This goal can be reset or edited by the student at any time.

Track time spent studying

Your students can keep track of how much time they have spent watching video lessons per week on all of their enrolled courses. This way, students can keep track of their progress towards achieving their goals.

Allow students to monitor their progress

Students can refer back to their goals to determine whether they are really performing up to their aspirations. Goal data and student progress can be displayed on any other page by using a shortcode.

Motivate your students with messages

You can add custom messages to encourage your students to set and complete goals on your site. Different messages are displayed before a user sets a goal, when a user sets a new goal, when the user needs to complete a goal, and once the user achieves their goal.

Email notifications

Keep your students in the loop with email notifications. Once students set, reset or edit a goal they will receive an email notification. Students receive an email after setting a new goal, encouraging them to start watching lessons to achieve it. A congratulation email is also sent to students once they complete their goal to motivate them with positive feedback.

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Keep your students accountable for their learning

The LearnDash Goals add-on equips your students to take control over their learning journey by setting their own goals. By allowing your students to crush their goals, you’ll boost their motivation and interest in their courses. If you have any questions about this new LearnDash add-on or need help selecting the best tools to improve your LearnDash platform, don’t hesitate to reach out to our LearnDash consultants. We’d love to help you figure out how the LearnDash Goals add-on can fit your e-learning site and if requested, provide additional insight and recommendations.

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