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learndash redis object cache

Speed Up Your LearnDash Site With LearnDash Redis Object Cache

Page loading speed on your LearnDash site has a direct impact on user experience. Users are quick to leave a website that is taking too long to load. Working on speeding up page loading helps prevent users from prematurely abandoning your site.

We have recently released the LearnDash Redis Object Cache add-on that allows you to speed up your online learning website by reducing the number of queries running on the page. Keep reading to find out more about how this add-on can help you reduce page loading time. If you are looking for a tailored approach to speed up and improve the performance of your site, you can also work directly with out expert LearnDash consultants.

How does the LearnDash Redis Object Cache add-on make your site faster?

The add-on implements the Redis Object Cache extension, from your hosting provider, on your LearnDash site. This way your site is able to use Redis Object Cache to store and retrieve data. As data querying and fetching are optimized, the loading time for the pages on your website is reduced.


Use the Redis Object Cache

This add-on uses the Redis Object Cache, instead of the WordPress database tables, to fetch and retrieve data for faster page loading. Using the Redis Object Cache as a data container reduces the number of queries running on each page and makes data fetching faster.

learndash redis object cache

Resets Redis Object Cache

The Redis Object Cache is easily reset and renewed with a single click of a button.

learndash redis object cache

Add or exclude WordPress Groups

LearnDash Redis Cache enables you to select which WordPress groups you want the add-on to work with.

learndash redis object cache

Speed up your LearnDash site!

If your e-learning site isn’t loading as fast as you’d like, the LearnDash Redis Object Cache add-on can help you provide a better user experience. To learn more about this new add-on, please contact us or leave us a comment below.

You can also take further action to speed up your e-learning site by reaching out to our LearnDash consultants. We’d love to take a look to your site’s configurations and figure out what are the best solutions to get your site running smoothly for your students. 

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