How to use Affiliate marketing To Promote Your LearnDash Course
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How to use Affiliate marketing To Promote Your LearnDash Course

Affiliate marketing enables you to promote your products or services using affiliates, or people who promote your brand online and receive commissions based on the sales they generate. Instead of paying to place ads directly, companies pay affiliates on a per-sale basis and due to this, affiliate marketing takes less risk. At the same time, affiliate marketing tends to be more effective since affiliates promote your products to a network of people where trust is previously established.

In this article, our LearnDash experts will show you how to create an affiliate program for your LearnDash course.

To set up an affiliate program for a LearnDash course with AffiliateWP, you had to use WooCommerce or another e-commerce plugin to line up each LearnDash course as a product. On the other hand, using the AffiliateWP LearnDash integration you can allow LearnDash and AffiliateWP to seamlessly communicate with one another without having an e-commerce plugin. 

Your users can easily register as affiliates for your online course and earn a commission or access to premium content by bringing referrals to your e-learning site. Even if the courses you want to promote are free, you’ll be able to reward your affiliates with points that they can use to access premium content.

Here are some of the top features of the AffiliateWP Learndash Integration:

Allow users to sign up as affiliates

You can allow your site’s users to sign up as affiliates, and promote your courses. Affiliates are able to earn referrals when users purchase your courses through their affiliate URLs.

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Award referral points

When your affiliates refer a student to enroll in a free course, you can reward them by awarding them “referral points”. Admin can set the exact number of points your affiliate will earn from each referral.

learndash course affiliate referral points

Pay affiliates for their referrals

You can reward your affiliates by paying them a commission when a customer purchases a course through an affiliate referral link. AffiliateWP allows you to pay commissions that are calculated as a percentage of the sale or as a flat-rate amount.

Premium content for affiliates

The referral points allow affiliates to unlock premium lectures. Premium lectures work like any other LearnDash lesson or topic but are exclusively available to your affiliates.

As a result, the AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration allows you to successfully market your LearnDash courses. By creating an affiliate program, your users will be able to promote your courses to their own networks, allowing your content to be marketed to a wider audience. Buyers are more likely to trust the opinion of someone they know and are familiar with your site. Therefore, an affiliate program can easily build trust in potential buyers.

Paying Your Affiliates

If you want to auto-pay your affiliates, the AffiliateWP Stripe Payout add-on allows you to pay your affiliates directly from your Stripe account in an easy and convenient way. This is a great alternative to the standard AffiliateWP Payout service and manual bank transfers. Payments are processed individually or in bulk, and can be scheduled to be automatically processed on specific dates and, as a result, reduce payment processing time. Here’s what you’ll get with this add-on:

Easy Stripe Account Connection

You can quickly connect your Affiliate Stripe account by just copying and pasting your account’s key.

Stripe Account Payments

You can pay affiliates directly from your Stripe account to their connected Stripe accounts with a single click, and speed up processing referral commission payouts.

Bulk Payout

You can select multiple affiliates and click on a “Bulk Payout” button to process several payments at once.

Scheduled Payouts

You can automate affiliate payouts by scheduling individual and bulk payments.

Email Notifications

You can inform your affiliates about the status of their referral payouts through email notifications.

Launch Your LearnDash Course Affiliate Program

If you are looking to switch up your marketing strategy for your LearnDash site, an affiliate program can help you get great results. With the new AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration add-on setting one up is easy and quick. Plus, you can facilitate commission payments using the AffiliateWP Stripe Payout add-on . If you have any further questions or comments on this add-on, please let us know in the comments below or reach out to our LearnDash add-on development experts.

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