Introducing a new set of WooCommerce add-ons!
woocommerce add-ons

Introducing a new set of WooCommerce add-ons!

Today we’re happy to announce the release of the WooCommerce Variations to Cart add-on. The add-on allows you to streamline your customer’s buying experience by simplifying the process they follow when adding products to their cart.

An improved shopping experience!

With this new WooCommerce add-on, your customers can add several product variations to their cart at once, without leaving the product pages. For example, if a customer purchases several items to resell, they can add the item of their choice in different quantities for different colors and sizes without leaving the product page.

As more and more individual variations are added, the total price of their order is also updated and displayed on the screen.

Once they go to their cart to checkout, they’ll be able to view the information for all product variations on a single screen.

But that’s not all.

Free WooCommerce Add-ons

Along with this premium add-on, our WooCommerce development team is also releasing two FREE WooCommerce extensions. 

WooCommerce Browser Notify

Offer your customers a more personalized shopping experience with the WooCommerce Browser Notify add-on. This tool allows you to send pop-up notifications each time your customers perform a specific action on your store. For example, you can send a pop-up alert when the user opens another window or when they scroll down a page.

WooCommerce Product Tabs Plus

Make your product pages useful, good-looking, and easy to navigate! With the WooCommerce product tabs add-on, you can add different tabs to your product pages and populate them with whatever info you wish to display. You can add content to your tabs using a user-friendly editor.  Since you can also add shortcodes to your tabs, there’s little you can’t do with this add-on.

You also get total control over your product page design, since you decide exactly on which products or product categories the tabs are added to. Furthermore, you can set a time limit for how long the tabs will be displayed on the page. For example, you can add a tab with special information only during a sale, a specific season, or a store event.


Uplevel your WooCommerce store with these WooCommerce add-ons!

Altogether, these WooCommerce add-ons will help you improve your customer’s shopping experience. Best part? You can get two of them for free! We can’t wait for you to try them out and tell us about your experience. If you have any questions or have any feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to our WooCommerce developers.

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