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You Can’t Miss These 6 Free Add-ons From WooNinjas!

Helping you improve your WordPress sites is what WooNinjas does best. Our team is constantly working on developing new solutions and this time we have prepared a special surprise. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to 5 brand new free add-ons for LearnDash and 1 new free add-on for LifterLMS. Keep on reading to find out more about the new free add-ons and their features.

LearnDash Restrict Enrollment

Looking to improve management for courses on a LearnDash site? The new LearnDash Restrict Enrollment add-on allows you to restrict course enrollment to specific dates. 

You can easily determine a date range during which enrollment will be open to students from the course’s settings. Multiple courses can be available for enrollment during the same date range. Plus, when course enrollment is unavailable, you can display a notice on the front-end to inform your students about upcoming enrollment dates.

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LearnDash Instructors Tab

Give your students more insight about who will be leading their courses using the LearnDash Instructors Tab add-on. This add-on allows you to display instructor’s details on a separate tab. Displayed information includes the instructor’s biography and Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile links.

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LearnDash Quiz Availability

The LearnDash Quiz Availability add-on allows you to restrict when a quiz is available to your students. Students will only be able to attempt a quiz during the selected date range. If students attempt to access a quiz outside of the specified date range, they will be shown a message informing them about the quiz’s unavailability.

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LearnDash Essay Rich Text Editor

Give your students the necessary tools to submit better essays! The LearnDash Essay Rich Text Editor add-on provides your students with a rich text editor interface to use for essay answers. This gives your students access to all the common text editing options, allowing them to best configure and format their essays.

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LearnDash Drag and Drop Upload

If you are looking to improve your student’s overall user experience on your LearnDash courses, student uploads is a good place to start. With the LearnDash Drag and Drop Upload add-on you can enable drag and drop file uploads for essay answers and assignment submissions. Students can upload multiple files, with different file extensions and different file sizes using the feature.

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LifterLMS Quiz List

Save time and improve navigation on the backend of your LifterLMS site with the LifterLMS Quiz List add-on. The add-creates a quiz listing page, from where you can quickly access all of your quizzes. As a result, you can avoid navigating to each individual course to find and edit your quizzes.

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Get these new free add-ons for LearnDash and LifterLMS!

You can download any of these add-ons today! We hope you’ll love these LifterLMS and LearnDash add-ons as much as we do. If you are trying out any of these add-ons, please let us know what you think by leaving us a review or a comment below.

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