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20% Off On All Our Premium Add-ons During The Corona Virus Crisis

We are hearing a lot of news left, right and center, about how people are losing their jobs, businesses slowing down and what not. As if fearing for your life and taking extra ordinary care for health/hygiene was not enough, now we have to worry about our jobs too. During this turmoil, we are one of the lucky ones (at-least for now) as we are already a remote team, and we help entrepreneurs in launching their online learning, membership and digital commerce websites, all of which is not yet affected by the Covid-19 crisis so far. At least not as much as some other industries.

Therefore, we have decided to support the community during the coronavirus health crisis by offering a 20% discount on all of our premium Add-ons.

We know just how scary the current situation is. We also know that for most, staying home and putting hobbies and goals on hold can be very frustrating. In situations such as the one we are currently in, it is important to find ways to stay positive and productive. There’s no better way to make the most out of a stressful situation than by choosing to focus on growth and improvement. If you’ve been procrastinating on improving your online learning site, now could be a great time to get back at it. Our Add-ons are used by thousands and they all have one thing in common, they are all online education entrepreneurs probably like yourselves.

If you’ve been considering implementing our add-ons on your WordPress website, make sure you don’t miss our covid19 support sale starting this Friday at 11:59 pm and ending on Tuesday at 11:59 pm.

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Some of our most popular add-ons include:

LearnDash Attendance Addon

With the attendance addon you can keep track and showcase student attendance on all your courses.

LearnDash Advanced Quizzes

LearnDash Advanced Quizzes will allow you to create user-friendly quizzes incorporating additional question types, negative markings and varying time limits for each question.

LearnDash Quiz Import/Export

With the LearnDash Quiz Import and Export add-on you can easily import and export quiz content into LearnDash.

LifterLMS BadgeOS Integration

If you are looking to boost engagement in your online learning website, try out the LifterLMS and BadgeOS Integration add-on. With this product you’ll be able to reward your users with achievements and awards.

LearnDash Course Management System

Our LearnDash course management system will simplify your life by allowing you to schedule courses, lessons, topics and quizzes. The addon also lets you manage the display status of your events, to show them or hide them according to your preference.

LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro

This addon incorporates the concept of adaptive learning to LearnDash with the creation of course levels and child courses that can be assigned to the students based on past evaluation performance.

Save 20% On WooNinja Add-ons!

Take advantage of our Covid-19 support sale and grab our add-ons for your e-learning site at 20% off. Just use the code COVID19-20 at checkout starting Friday at 11:59 pm and will last until Tuesday 31st March 11:59pm EST (New York time).

Remember to stay home, safe and productive!

Finally, we want to encourage you to follow precautions and stay safe while continuing to work on your courses and online learning platform. We hope you enjoy trying out the functional tools we have created for you. 

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