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Top 5 Most Popular WordPress Themes for LearnDash in 2020

LearnDash is one of the most popular Learning Management System (LMS) plugins for WordPress, which has raised the bar for creating online learning websites with WordPress. If you are designing your course-based website using the LearnDash plugin and


Top 6 add-ons to enhance your LearnDash quizzes

Adding quizzes to your LMS platform is an important component for ensuring students have mastered the material and are ready to advance to the next course. There are many LearnDash add-ons for optimizing quizzes and


How to Protect Your Online Course Videos and Content

????️????️UPDATE: We have now published a new blog post on this topic with lots of new information on online-course protection. Please see How To Protect Your Online Course Content And Videos Part 2.????️????️ In this blog,


How to Use LearnDash Notification Add-on

In a classroom environment, students are notified about different course activities by their instructors directly. Notifications regarding Course registration, course starting date, course ending date etc. are the administration’s responsibility. Similarly, there is a manual


Using Learndash with Elementor After Gutenberg

????️????️UPDATE: We have now published a new blog post on this topic with lot’s of updates. Please see using Elementor with LearnDash part 2.????️????️ Our Ninjas noticed that a lot of you folks were having trouble with


5 Ways to Market LearnDash Courses

If you are running an LMS using LearnDash, you might have come across techniques to market LearnDash courses. In some posts, you probably have heard of content marketing mentioned quite a few times. However, surprisingly


LearnDash v2.3 Updates, What’s New?

LearnDash just released its version 2.3 on September 27, 2016. There are some exciting features in this new release. Let’s learn how this upgrade will benefit your users and the administrator. 1. New User Profile


The Rise of Online Learning and LMS Plugins

I know that the word “online education” kind of sounds a bit boring. It has that negative connotation sometimes. The lack of human touch and interaction makes it look like a sub-standard thing. But let’s

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