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LearnDash Course Chat

The LearnDash Course Chat add-on allows you to offer class chats for specific or all courses. When enabled, a chat tab will be added to each course page, available to students and admin.

Table of Content

  1. Installation
  2. Activate License
  3. Course Chat
  4. Specific Courses Chat
  5. Preview
  6. FAQ’s
  7. Changelogs


  • Install the LearnDash plugin & activate it.
  • Install the LearnDash Course Chat add-on and activate it.
  • A new Course Chat menu will be added under the LearnDash menu.
LearnDash Course Chat – Main Menu

License Option

License keys can be found in the email received when you purchased the add-on. The license key can be added in the corresponding field. Once you add your unique license key, click on Activate

LearnDash Course Chat – License Activation

Course Chat

LearnDash Course Chat – Course Chat


Check this box to enable the course chat feature (globally).

Specific Course Chat

Here you can select the specific courses for which you want to enable chat.

Debug Log

Check this box to enable the debug log feature. When this box is enabled, two more tabs will appear titled “Activity Logs” and “Debug Logs”.

LearnDash Course Chat – Activity Logs
LearnDash Course Chat – Debug Logs

Specific Courses Chat

Alternatively, to enable the course chat for specific courses, you can enable the Courses Chat toggle from the course settings.

LearnDash Course Chat – Specific Course Chat


Student Side

LearnDash Course Chat – Student Side Chat

Admin Side

LearnDash Course Chat – Admin Side Chat


Are Chats available for Lessons & Topics?

No, currently chats can only be enabled on Courses.

Can we enable Chats for specific students only?

No, the chat will be enabled for all students enrolled in the course.

Can admins read Chat messages from the backend?

No, chat messages only appear on the front end.

With whom can students initiate chats?

The LearnDash Course Chat addon facilitates 1-to-1 chat between administrators and students. Administrators can engage in private conversations with individual students, providing personalized support, guidance, and assistance as needed.



  • Initial Release.

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