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LearnDash Instructors Tab

The LearnDash Course Instructors add-on allows you to display instructors’ details on a course’s page. Displayed data includes the instructor’s information and links to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Table of Content

  1. Installation
  2. Course Instructor’s Tab
  3. FAQ
  4. Changelogs


  • Install the LearnDash plugin & activate it.
  • Install the LearnDash Course Instructors add-on and activate it.

Course Instructor’s Tab

You can find the course instructors’ tab settings are in the course’s settings.  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn’s links can be added directly to the user profiles.

Note: On the front-end, the instructor’s tab will display the instructor’s profile picture, social links, and a  short description only when there is a Gravatar account for the user, and the “Social links” fields and the “Biographical Info” on the user’s profile are properly configured.  

To configure the Course Instructor’s Tab:

  • Navigate to Learndash > Courses and click on the desired course.
  • Go to the course settings and enable the “Show Instructors Tab” option.
  • Select the instructor whose details you want to display on the Course instructor’s tab on the frontend.
  • Configure the rest of the options and Save settings
LearnDash Instructor Tab – Toggle
  • Navigate to the “Users” menu and select the instructor’s profile which you have selected in the above steps.
  • Configure the “Social Media Links” section.
  • Configure the “Biographical Info” section.
  • Update user.
LearnDash Instructor Tab – Social Media Links

This is how the instructor’s tab will look like on the frontend when added to any course page:

LearnDash Instructor Tab – Instructor Profile


How can I disable the social links if I don’t want to share the instructor’s social media profiles?

When configuring the User Profile from the WordPress dashboard leave the “Social Media Links” section empty.

Can I display more than one instructor on the instructor’s tab for a single course?

Yes, you can display the details of more than one Instructor on the Instructor’s tab on a single course.

Is there a character limit for the instructor’s description?

No, there is no character limit. All content added to the “Biographical Info” field on the user profile’s page is displayed.



  • Fix – Minor issues


  • Fix – Instructors tab issue for guest / not-logged in user
  • Fix – Minor issues
  • New – Multilingual support added


  • Initial Release
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